Office Dilapidation Consultancy

If you are a tenant or a landlord and need advice on the area of dilapidations, or if you’re a property owner or occupier facing lease exit issues such as dilapidation disputes and looking for dilapidation contractors or a dilapidations surveyor in London, our dedicated team can assist you.

Our experienced team, consisting of chartered surveyors and property lease specialists, work with owners and occupiers of both commercial and residential property on a number of lease issues including guidance on dilapidations. We can offer support with advice, specialist dilapidation surveys, schedule of conditions, workplace consultancy and more.

We typically reduce tenant liabilities by an average of 40-45% and can support clients at every stage throughout the process with our experienced dilapidations consultancy team.

Our fully managed office dilapidations service includes:

  • Liaising with the landlord/tenant or their appointed agents
  • Detailed room-by-room surveys of the premises
  • Manage the application for consent where appropriate
  • Undertake all building and refurbishment services either for works required, or in respect of any claim of dilapidation from the landlord to bring the building back up to standard.

Whichever side we are acting for, we get the optimal result for our clients from any dilapidations negotiations and can provide office refurbishment solutions for your next venture. Please get in contact about your office dilapidation in London.

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